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UNISORB CORPORATION is a specialist in the air and gas filtration industry. We are an innovative research and development organization that extensively researches filtration media, identifies market needs and has the ability to manufacture customized filtration systems.

UNISORB also offers a variety of different filter media for the removal of essentially all corrosive and odorous gaseous contaminates encountered in various industries. Our media is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to meet performance specifications. UNISORB has endorsed and adopted ISA Recommended Standard S71.04-1985 policy for environmental monitoring and technical services as our guidelines and performance specifications. All UNISORB Fixed Bed Systems (HBS, PBS, VBS) are designed to operate and maintain corrosive gas levels at 1 ppb or less.

UNISORB CORPORATION was founded in 1982. The corporation includes a chemical plant, metal fabrication facility, R&D labs, engineering,international and domestic sales. UNISORB has representatives worldwide as well as manufacturing facilities located in the United States and Canada.

UNISORB CORPORATION specializes in corrosion, odor and VOC control as well as protecting historical documents and materials in libraries, museums and archives from decay. Our clientele includes: refineries; pulp   and paper mills; chemical plants; oil and gas production facilities; offshore platforms; storage tank vents; zoo animal shelters; high-rise buildings; hospital ventilation systems; airport facilities; municipal wastewater treatment plants; rendering plants; sewage pumping stations; compost plants, and landfill leachate treatment plants.

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